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A showcase of the Fleet-Up features is shown below. To try them out please sign up here.
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Fleet-Up Features
One Size Fits All
  • Create or join Groups
  • Corporations
  • Alliances
  • NPSI & Social
  • Permission structure
  • API-level support
  • Auto-Accept and Boot
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Fleet Doctrines
  • Store Fittings
  • Fleet Doctrines
  • Plan Compositions
  • Prioritise by Role
What can I fly?
  • Flyable Highlights
  • Check Skills
  • Training Plans
  • Download Skillplans
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Operation Planner
  • Plan Operations
  • Sync with your Phone
  • Slack notifications!
  • Local Time Display
  • Structure Timers
  • Attack / Defence Ops
  • Slack notifications!
  • Local Time Display
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  • Create Skillplans
  • Training Progress
  • Download Skillplans
  • Management Reports
Ship Skills
  • Fitting Skillplans
  • Character Training
  • EVEMon Download
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Fleet Tracker
  • Built-in Fleet Tracker
  • Location Map
  • Fitting Links
  • Report and Export Data
Fleet Planner Tool
  • Plan Fleets by Doctrine
  • What can your fleet fly?
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Shop & Assets
Shopping Lists
  • Create Shopping Lists
  • Add Fittings / Items
  • Share with Group Members
  • Export Data
Asset Tracking
  • Track Assets Online
  • Ship Fitting View
  • Optional Feature
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How will it help you?...
Rookie - I can learn from great fits and instantly see which ones I can fly. Veteran - I can contribute fits and adapt to fill elite roles. F.C - I can plan and manage fleets. C.E.O - I can define fleet doctrines and organise groups of players.
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