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Help // Change Log
v1.4.4 - 28 Aug 2019
  • Fixed issue with Slack integration to allow for new longer Slack API key tokens.
  • Fixed problem with import/export/syncing fittings to in-game characters.
v1.4.3 - 22nd July 2019
  • Fixed issue with getting skills and charaacter updates from ESI API.
v1.4.2 - 15th May 2018
  • Added structure types for engineering complexes and refineries to timers/ops area
  • Database updated with latest items from EVE Online
  • Implemented back end import tool for EVE SDE data
v1.4.1 - 10th May 2018
  • Fixed a problem with members list and approval
  • Market prices are now pulled from EVE ESI data
v1.4.0 - 7th May 2018
  • New - Fleet-Up now supports the new ESI API for EVE Online integration
  • CREST and XML APIs for EVE Online have been removed
  • Asset and Fleet tracker temporarily disabled for re-development
v1.3.2 - 30th October 2016
  • New - Citadels have been added to timers board
  • New - Shopping lists now have a "my completed lists" view to show lists you have previously worked on and completed.
  • Fixed broken timer structure type link to use same link as other item types
  • Fixed a problem where XML imports were not working at all
  • Fixed a problem that prevented fits with long notes/descriptions from being synced to EVE via CREST
  • Fixed a problem with syncing fits via CREST
  • Fixed a problem that affected some older CREST credentials and logins no longer working
v1.3.1 - 12th Apr 2016
  • New - Public / NPSI groups are now completely free and unlimited!
  • New - You can now post comments directly to the activity stream and reply to all comments.
  • New - Ability to set character identity against groups list to more clearly identify who you are.
  • Comments posted anywhere now appear on the home page activity stream.
  • It is now possible to post comments against certificates/skill-plans.
  • Improved layout of operations on home page and also made it possible to accept/decline.
  • Added timers mini view to home page to show times exiting in future.
  • Shared timers and operations activity is now broadcast to shared group's Slack where configured to do so using Group-Share.
  • Fixed a problem where deleting a group would error when fitting histories exist.
  • Fitting history now correctly shows changes to drones and cargo.
  • Fixed a problem where loading a fitting pilot report from the doctrine pilot report page rendered incorrectly.
  • Skills are updated for a longer period if a user has not logged in (up to 45 days from 14 days).
  • Character sheets, corp, alliance, and skills are fetched more often (every 6 hours down from 24 hours).
  • The API /ActivityStream endpoint now includes a link back to the corresponding Fleet-Up item page.
  • The API /Members endpoint now returns player timezone information (EU, US, RU, AU).
  • Greatly improved performance of operation attendee lookup query.
  • Operations now show number of 'maybe' attendees as a '+' on both the list and the detail view.
  • A confirmation prompt has been added to the re-roll join URL against groups.
  • Public groups search list now shows killboard, website, and group description - also largest groups first.
  • Fixed a problem where leaving a group or booting a member resulted in a error and the member history not recording.
  • Links to the (now gone) EVE wiki have been repointed to Steve Ronuken's online item database.
  • Groups list now displays most appropriate corp/alliance logo(s) associated with the group.
  • It is no longer possible to join a group with auto-boot enabled via any other mechanism than via an API match.
  • It is no longer possible for managers of public groups to run 'pilot reports'.
  • Skills that have been removed by skill injectors are now correctly removed from character sheets.
  • Group shares can now be managed by 'group managers'.
v1.3.0 - 17th Nov 2015
  • New - In-game fittings integration through CREST API.
    • Import in-game fittings directly into Fleet-Up
    • Export and synchronise fittings to EVE, which are automatically updated
  • New - Fitting history. From today all changes to fittings will be recorded under a 'history' tab.
  • New - Compare feature. You now can compare fitting history, similar fittings, and your clipboard to any fitting.
  • New - User play-time / time-zone setting to show typical hours of play (see under 'Account' menu).
  • It is now possible to select a different channel/group for each type of Slack integration message.
  • A button has been added to search all public/community groups.
  • Operations posted do not ping to slack if updated within 10 minutes of being posted (avoids slack spam).
  • Timers that are upgraded to operations now post a notification to slack.
  • Fixed a problem where rockets and missiles were missing from the ShipDNA / Open-in-Game output.
  • Updated timers to be more relevant to Fozzie-Sov.
  • Entering a number greater than 23 in the hours box will now add all of those hours to the cycle time and not just the first 23.
  • It is not longer possible to transfer group ownership to an un-approved group member.
  • DateTime values from the API now have a "string" equivillant in the format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.
  • New writable API endpoints for Add/Update/Delete for Timers and Operations have been added.
  • The DoctrineFittings API endpoint now supports an option to include the fitting modules and details in the response.
v1.2.17 - 5th July 2015
  • New - It's now possible to export a fitting to NeoCom app underthe 'export' tab
  • New - Member history tab on Group detail page shows history of users who have joined, left, or been booted
  • Rigs are no longer used in the calculations to see if a character can 'fly' a ship (as per the Crius changes) - existing fits will be reprocessed over next few days
  • Fixed an error when removing a fitting from a doctrine
  • Fixed a problem where long character names were causing an error when registering via SSO
  • Deleting an operation now correctly clears the operation details part of the screen
  • Corrected some typos around the site
  • Numbers are now allowed in custom domain prefix
  • Changed shopping list item quantiy to accept 9 digits in all areas
  • Operations / timers that have passed have more appropriate messages in the activity stream
  • Improved descriptions in some of the pilot reports
  • Added more export options from the export tab to the standard fitting toolbar
  • It is now possible to delete a fitting from the detail window (previously only available on list)
  • It is now possible to edit, delete, and archive a fitting from the direct-link view
  • Fitting window sizes are now consistent when editing / viewing
  • Fixed some render problems in the IGB where some toolbars were overflowing
  • Fixed some script problems in the IGB - mainly in the area of the search helpers for systems, icons, and certificate skills
  • Prevented some of the action links in IE erroring or reporting [object object] in the entire window
  • Fixed a problem where editing a fitting under the doctine manager page caused an error
  • It is no longer possible to set an operation end date before the start date
  • Charges, boosters, scripts, and paste is now exported as part of ShipDNA / In-Game link. Online 'charges' work - let me know if I missed any
  • Fixed an error when opening pilot details from the doctrine pilot report
  • EFT export and module names now automatically update in line with EVE releases
  • Change to auto-boot code to prevent problems in the unlikely event a user joined the same group twice
  • Applications pending approval are no longer auto-booted to allow for manual approval
v1.2.16 - 13th May 2015
  • New - integration.
v1.2.15 - 5th May 2015
  • New API endpoints.
v1.2.14 - 17th February 2015
  • New - Certificates / skill plan feature!
  • New - Ability to download an EVEMon skill plan for a fitting.
  • The fitting 'Skills' tab is now always available against a fitting even if no character is selected.
  • Transfering a group now updates ownership of fittings/doctrines/certs owned by present owner to new owner.
v1.2.13 - 6th February 2015
  • New - Timer history view.
  • New - Doctrine Folders allow grouping of doctrines.
  • New - Ability to set an owner against doctrines and fittings.
  • New - Doctrines and Fittings can be made "private" to owner (and group managers+).
  • Operations now have countdown style information when they are closer than 12 hours before starting.
v1.2.12 - 26th January 2015
  • New - Fleet-Up API released in read-only beta form.
  • Fixed a problem where operations could be set without a default end date and therefore were missing from the history list.
  • Can now add containers, MTUs and similar to shopping lists.
  • Fixed a problem where the fleet map was not loading correctly in Chrome.
  • Fixed a problem where requesting in game browser trust was not working for HTTPS site.
  • Joining a fleet with a second character on the same account was causing a problem, which is now fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where disbanding a fleet with multiple characters was causing an error.
  • EVE gate links changed to use %20 in place of a +.
  • Fixed an error caused by removing a fitting from a doctrine where the fitting was used in a composition.
  • Some autocannons were incorrectly applying the long-range category instead of the short-range - fixed for fitting add/edits.
v1.2.11 - 9th December 2014
  • New - Fleet tool available from doctrines area for planning fleet ships.
  • Fixed a problem where deleting a doctrine with compositions sometimes caused an error.
  • Operation history now supports a link to open pilots attending.
  • Activity stream now lists ship type name and includes type / character icons where appropriate.
  • Doctrines now support an optional icon to help identify and differentiate between them. Icon is based on an EVE type.
  • Managing doctrine fittings or updating a fitting updates the last updated date against a doctrine.
  • It is now possible to set a "default" group for new operations, timers, etc.
  • Public operations now show group name correctly and notes are formatted.
  • Public operations for public groups offer a direct link to join the group.
v1.2.10 - 23rd October 2014
  • New - Groups can now specify meta information such as home system, killboard, website, MOTD etc.
  • New - Option to set groups as 'public' to enable auto-approval of all applications.
  • Fixed a problem where deleting items was not removing their reference from the activity stream.
  • Moons count against timers and group home setting now go up to 30.
  • Fixed a problem where the Nestor and other SOE ships were not being matched on import.
  • EFT fitting import now ignores "Empty" and "
  • Transfering group ownership to a basic member now correctly sets the post-operations setting.
  • Further fixes to flyable calculations.
v1.2.9 - 24th September 2014
  • Improvement to group applications by API such that group owners can define exactly which corp/alliances can join (edit / create a group to check).
  • Sometimes fittings incorrectly show zero for pilot effective skill and/or hull level. A fix has been put in place to resolve these issues.
  • Added a direct link against shopping list fittings to open the fitting itself.
  • The EVE release version name is now displayed against the fitting updated dates in lists and items.
  • The fittings list can now be filtered by the EVE release that the fitting was last updated for.
  • The number of compositions under a doctrine has been added to the tab to help identify if there are any compositions available without clicking the tab.
v1.2.8 - 12th September 2014
  • Lots of underlying work for new API coming in future version.
  • Added group name to json API output for operations.
  • Item price lookups now use the highest percentile Jita price, which appears to be more accurate to what you'll actually pay.
  • New and edited timers now correctly hide archived doctrines from the list available.
  • Archived fittings now hidden from the 'similar' fittings view.
  • Added support for redeeming Fleet-Up voucher codes.
v1.2.7 - 7th August 2014
  • New - Compositions - It is now possible to define compositions under a doctrine.
  • New - Shopping list item 'done' checkbox to help manage purchase progress in shopping lists.
  • New - Support for EVE Online's single sign on (SSO) oauth system. (Currently hidden until CCP go-ahead).
  • Added a drop down group filter for the activity stream for users that are a member of more than one group.
  • Transfer group owner control now correctly sorts users in alphabetical order.
  • Fitting details now correctly preserves line breaks.
  • Fixed a problem where only group managers could delete comments. Users should be able to delete their own comment.
  • Fixed some more typos around the site.
  • Added in an extra application-level error handler to help prevent random gibberish error output.
  • Fixed a problem where pilot report would not expand for more than one hundred pilots.
  • Fixed an issue where some users are persistently asked to join a group when connecting through a custom domain.
  • Pilot doctrine report correctly shows pilots in the owner's corp/alliance.
v1.2.6 - 9th July 2014
  • New - Added ability to archive doctrines (and fittings).
  • New - Added (box) the search box under fittings.
  • Re-worked operations list interface to be more compact and cleaner.
  • Operations now show which ship you have selected to fly with the option to change.
  • Operation organiser is now defaulted as the first attendee.
  • Change to timers such that any user can now post a timer but only "Operation Directors" can turn it into an operation.
  • Fixed a bug where prefixing a custom domain with "www" was creating a redirect loop.
  • Tech 1 logistics and ewar cruisers are now set with a default logi/ewar role when creating a doctrine.
  • The manage fittings view now has the name prefixed with the ship type name to help identify the ship type and ships of the same type are ordered together.
v1.2.5 - 12th June 2014
  • Implemented uncommited isolation where UI is being held up by back end locks.
  • Changed some of the back end procecesses to reduce chance of long-term table locks.
v1.2.4 - 15th May 2014
  • New - Opened public events calendar to the public. Public events can be posted through operations.
v1.2.3 - 8th May 2014
  • Fixed a problem with the fleet toggle buttons that control access in some browsers.
  • It is now possible to join the same fleet twice with multiple characters under one account.
  • The fleet update-fitting control now accepts raw ShipDNA correctly as well as the existing input.
  • The Fleet History is now available for 'Free' groups.
  • Some other minor tweaks to the fleet pages.
  • Fixed a problem where the operation history list was sorted incorrectly.
  • Didcated problem notification page for timeouts. Helps users understand why there page failed to load.
v1.2.2 - 7th May 2014
  • New - Activity stream added to home page to keep members up to date with group changes.
  • Tidied up the pilot report so the pilot counts are more meaningful and the default sort matches the main list.
  • Increased the pilot count limit on the pilot report to 500 and included corp/alliance name in the output.
  • Direct links to fittings include the common 'Show Flyable' control - so you can quickly see if you can fly the fit.
  • Fixed direct fitting link against the 'export' tab to use the correct matching domain.
  • Cargo bay items have been removed from the 'skills' tab.
  • Internet Explorer compatibility mode set to 'edge'.
  • Cargo bay items have been removed for the DNA export for now because they were causing a client issue in some cases.
v1.2.1 - 22nd April 2014
  • Cargo bay items are no longer highlighted in red as these are not used in the 'fylable' calculations.
  • Fitting direct link uses the current host name instead of defaulting back to raw
  • Fixed a problem where skillpoints were randomly getting reset to zero until the next API key pull.
  • Some minor changes to credit notifications.
v1.2.0 - 5th Mar 2014
  • Major Features
    • New - Group Share [beta] - New system to allow groups to share operations and timers with other groups. Available to group owners under the 'Group Sharing' tab on the group detail screen.
  • Other Features
    • New - Group Ownership Transfer - A new option to allow group creator/owners to transfer ownership has been added.
    • New - XML Import - Fittings can now be imported in XML format.
    • New - Fitting Upload - Fittings imported by uploading an XML file containing multiple fittings.
    • New - Operation Organiser - It is now possible to specificy a different user as an 'organiser' when posting an operation.
    • New - Attendee Privacy - A new setting is available against an Operation to control the privacy of the attendee list.
    • New - Ammo & Cargo! - Fitting imports now correctly support ammo and cargo flagged as being in the 'cargo bay'.
    • New - Fitting Link - Fittings now support a direct link, which is visible in the saved fitting window using the 'Direct Link' button.
    • New - Export Options - It is now possible to export a fitting to ShipDNA, XML and EFT format ('Export' tab).
    • New - Operation Calendar View - Operations can now be optionally viewed on a traditional calendar layout by month, week, or day.
    • New - Light Theme Updated - The 'light' theme has been updated to a look less rubbish (hopefully).
    • New - Fitting Price History - A recent price history chart for a fitting is now available under a tab.
    • New - Similar Fittings - A new tab has been added to the fitting view to show fittings of the same type and similar tanking style.
    • New - Fitting Pilot Report - Management-level report has been added to fittings showing the number of 'flyable' pilots etc.
    • New - Character Pilot Report - Group managers can run reports against members of their group to understand how effective they are at flying the group's ships.
    • Doctrine management improvements - Various improvements have been made to the doctrine manager screen.
    • Fitting Module Bars - The fitting window now has group bars for slots and bay that can be collapsed and also show modules fitted.
  • Smaller Changes and Fixes
    • New - Groups showing no user activity for more than 6 months will be permanently deleted to cut down on data overheads.
    • Operations that are accepted or declined have a more subtle highlight.
    • Saving a fitting now returns the saved fitting view instead of a text message dialog.
    • Fixed an issue where the fleet totals were not displaying the correct remote shield / armor totals.
    • It is now possible to add skillbooks to shopping lists under the add-item search.
    • Cleaned up the fittings list hull type and category filters a little.
    • Fixed the EFT export to include the correct fitting name instead of the old imported one.
    • Fixed a problem with character links from the group membership management screen.
    • Fitting item view improved to show icons for module more clearly and collapsible bars.
    • Registration fields are now correctly length-capped in the UI to prevent registration errors.
    • Fixed a problem where default role types were not being correctly applied.
    • Doctrine fittings are now ordered by role type then priority by default. Can be re-ordered using header links.
    • Doctrine ship priority now expressed in stars instead of the level bar to avoid confusion.
    • It is no longer possible to edit, change or make private a shopping list that has been claimed.
    • Claimed shopping lists are now highlighted in orange, completed lists are highlighted in green.
    • Shopping lists cleaned up a bit and made list rows taller for ease of use.
    • Clicking on a table header to sort now displays a visual cue.
    • Assets no longer import noob ships, shuttles, civilian noob weapons and miners, single units of tritanium. Cuts down on the junk in the assets area.
    • 100MN Analog Booster Rockets are now correctly reported as an AB instead of MWD.
    • Some default doctrine roles were not applying - this has been fixed.
    • New SOE ships added to the Drone Boat automatic category.
    • Fitting tab to show doctrines the fitting is used in has been improved and now shows the priority.
    • The estimated fitting price is now visible in the fittings list.
    • The (somewhat un-used) ratio column has been replaced with estimated price in the doctrine fitting list.
    • The fitting 'details' and 'notes' tabs have been combined.
    • Some minor changes to timer and operation list layout and icons.
    • Assets are only synced if user logs in regularly.
    • Assets are removed after 14 days of user inactivity (but can be re-added).
v1.1.10 - 3rd May 2013
  • New - A comments system has been added to fittings, doctrines, operations, and shopping lists.
  • A new feature has been added that allows you auto-boot group members based on corp/alliance API key matching.
v1.1.9 - 29th April 2013
  • A new tab has been added against a fitting to show which Doctrines it is used in.
  • A new 'Details' tab has been added to a fitting to show who added it, when and when it was last updated.
  • The fitting 'search' box is not working correctly and has been removed for now.
  • The fittings list can be filtered by doctrine and in particular for fittings that a in no doctrines - good for cleaning up.
  • The 'Uploaders' filter drop down against fittings has been fixed so that only users that uploaded a fitting within the current group are shown.
  • When deleting a Doctrine, users have the option to remove all associated Fittings too.
  • Adding an API key will now check pending Group applications for automatic API-based approvals.
  • When applying for a Group using your API key the Group management will be able to see the name of the character you applied with for validation.
v1.1.8 - 22nd April 2013
  • It is now possible to manually add items to a shopping list.
  • Added the ability to create new, empty shopping lists.
v1.1.7 - 18th April 2013
  • New - Operation categories allow operations to be categorised and highlighted.
  • Operations that span several days now correctly highlight all the days.
  • Timers now have the option to select a time before linked operation starts.
v1.1.6 - 5th April 2013
  • New - Timers. POS/Structure timers added to create reminders for in-game reinforcement timers.
  • Operations area overhauled. Removed the parent/child "strategic vs tactical" concept for an easier to use system and mproved the layout.
v1.1.5 - 3rd April 2013
  • New - It is now possible to apply to a group via API key match at Alliance level. There is an additional group setting to match this functionality.
  • New - Any group application with a corp/alliance API key match where the group has been configured to accept API applications is auto-approved.
  • Fixed problem where adding fittings was not updating the group count total.
  • When adding an API key the Alliance details are instantly added rather than waiting for the API poll.
  • Adding an API key without the correct CharacterSheet permissions raises an appropriate error to the user.
  • Skills and total skillpoints are added instanly when adding an API key.
  • Last skill, asset and API fetch result information is now visible in character list.
  • Rare bug where it was possible to apply to a group twice has been resolved.
  • Fixed a problem where apostrophe characters were breaking the site in some places.
  • Ancillary Armor Repairers now correctly categorise a fitting as 'active armor tanked' - new imports only.
v1.1.4 - 3rd January 2013
  • Fix to skill and training time indicators - skill prerequisites are now correctly displayed and calculated.
v1.1.3 - 12th December 2012
  • New tab under fitting to show skills and required training time.
  • Under 'flyable' list views the time to train is displayed against the effectiveness bar.
  • Characters for expired API keys are no longer available to compare flyable fittings.
v1.1.2 - 7th December 2012
  • Updated home screen.
  • Updated some location links to use DotLan if not in-game.
v1.1.1 - 6th December 2012
  • Eve Retribution expansion data updated.
  • Various typos around the site.
v1.1.0 - 24th November 2012
  • New - Assets. Users can track their assets if their API supports it.
  • New - Reporting. Reports can be run on most areas of the system.
  • New - Categories. Fittings are categorised automatically according to their modules etc Fittings can be filtered by categories.
  • New - Fleet Roster Report. Report on pilot fleet involvement either on-screen or CSV/Excel export.
  • New - Shopping Lists. Create shopping lists of fittings and items. Claim, use and export data.
  • Fitting and asset fitted module links now take you to the EVE wiki when out of game.
  • Some in-game only links automatically open out-of-game websites when out of game (e.g EVE Wiki items, EVE Gate profiles).
  • Average price now visible against fitting window.
  • Various minor typo's and other small fixes.
v1.0.14 - 16th October 2012
  • New - Clicking on a pilot/character under the doctrine 'pilot report' now shows you the fitting with the modules highlighted in red/green.
  • Clicking on a pilot/character portrait under the doctrine 'pilot report' opens the character in-game (char name link used to do this).
  • The doctrine 'pilot report' shows both the number of pilots that can fly the fittings and those that can fly just the hull but not all fittings. Expanding the view highlights the pilots in orange/green accordinly as per version 1.0.12.
  • Moved some bulk data out of frequently queried tables to reduce IOs.
  • Saving fitting names and notes over maximum limit no longer causes an error.
v1.0.12 - 15th October 2012
  • Fixed a problem where users with the 'Doctrine Manager' role were not able to correctly manage doctrines.
  • Users that are not group managers see a much simpler group members view when they click down into a group.
  • List of fitting uploaders is now limited to only those users who have actually uploaded fittings and sorted correctly.
  • The fittings list has been re-worked a little but the operation is mostly the same.
  • The fittings list starts to group by hull class after 50 fittings now rather than only 20. Also a sub-type group has been added if you have a very large volume.
  • The pilot report can be sorted by clicking on the headers.
  • The pilot report under a doctrine now orders characters by name correctly.
  • The pilot report characters expended list also shows characters that can fly the hull but not all modules, highlighted in orange.
v1.0.11 - 11th October 2012
  • New - A 'Role' field has been added against doctrine fittings to help explain each ship's role within a fleet.
  • New - Orange flyable highlight added, meaning the selected character can fly the hull but not use all the modules.
  • It is now easier to edit doctrine fittings in-line (added edit icon to the right).
  • Fixed a problem where editing fittings against the doctrine fittings view caused too many fittings to be returned or an error.
  • Some extra error handling has been put in in the fleet join code, some errors have been occuring when tracking fleets.
  • Some modules were not correctly highlighted as 'red' when the selected character could not use them. This has been fixed.
v1.0.10 - 9th October 2012
  • EVE Api integration now gathers alliance information for characters.
  • Alliance name is displayed against API key character list.
  • Alliance name is displayed for 'public' characters against the group members list.
  • Group Managers / Owners can report on which members have API key characters in their corporation/alliance.
v1.0.9 - 5th October 2012
  • The option to apply for a group via API key corporation matches now excludes NPC corporations.
v1.0.8 - 3rd October 2012
  • New - Groups can now be configured to be searchable, making it easier for members to join. All applications require management approval.
  • Renamed some of fleet sections to 'fleet tracker' or 'track fleet'.
  • Fleet tracker now displays the total counts of key modules at the bottom of the pilot list.
  • Resolved some issues with deleting groups.
v1.0.7 - 1st October 2012
  • The Doctrine management screen now has a search box to help quickly locate Fittings to add to the Doctrine.
  • Importing a Fitting under the Doctrine management screen automatically links it to the Doctrine.
  • Fixed a problem where editing a Fitting whilst in the Doctrine management view errored if you are a member of multiple groups.
  • Doctrine management screen no longer forces the entire page to reload when editing or adding Fittings. Annoying page refresh is gone.
  • If you link directly to a Doctrine and the user does not have access then they see a more appropriate error message.
v1.0.6 - 29th September 2012
  • Users trying to access Fittings and Doctrines for groups that have not been approved for yet see a more meaningful message.
  • Group members list shows the 'visible' API character corporation name - useful for validation and approval.
v1.0.5 - 26th September 2012
  • Fixed a problem where the 'hull skill level' was sometimes incorrectly displayed - first noticed against tier 3 BC hulls.
  • Users owning more than one group were sometimes getting an error when saving a new Doctrine. This has been resolved.
  • The Doctrine external link has been moved to the top of the description tab. No need for a seperate tab just for a link.
  • Saving a Doctrine with too many characters in the description no longer errors.
  • Polished the group upgrade process a little.
v1.0.4 - 24th September 2012
  • New - Ability Synchronise the Operation planner to your Google/Outlook/etc calendar.
  • New - Fleet-Up now has a REST Api.
  • Fixed a problem where leaving or deleting a group with ongoing Operations sometimes caused an error.
v1.0.3 - 23rd September 2012
  • Minor changes to sign-up and new user experience.
v1.0.2 - 21st September 2012
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a Doctrine was not possible if it was linked to an Operation.
v1.0.1 - 20th September 2012
  • Fixed a problem where API fetches were not occuring for some users.
  • Resolved an issue with lists of Fittings highlighted as 'flyable' that were stuck as pending.
  • Added some additional helpers when creating or joining a Group.
  • Added additional validation to the new Operation process.
  • Various other minor fixes and polishing.
v1.0.0 - 12th September 2012
  • First post-beta release version.
v0.1 - Beta
v0.1.2 - 20th August 2012
  • Operation planner.
  • Red/Green highlights at module level.
v0.1.1 - 5th August 2012
  • Fittings and doctrines functionality.
  • Group management and levels.
  • Api support and 'flyable' highlighting.
  • Fleet Tracker tool.